Hier 2 video’s over de karperkweek in Hongarije.

Het gaat ook over de deelname van een groep studenten van de sportvisacademie in Zwolle onder leiding van Roelof Schut om hier ervaring op te doen.

 This video I made with a simple photocamera , however it gives a good impression of the traditional fishfarming in Hungary. This lake is 80 hectares and the amount of fish that is in it is about 250 tons. Trapping method: The water is pumped away. At the back of the lake is a deeper area what ends in a deeper channel.The fish is driven into the channel with a seine net which leads to the small lake where the fish are concentrated with a seine net where they are scooped out, sorted and weighed and then put in containers for distribution for consumption or commercial recreational fishing in private lakes.

 From the narrow channel the fish is guided by a narrow slot of 4 feet ending in the small lake where they are driven together by a seine. Here they are scooped out and sorted by species.Everything is weighed and put in containers with salted water to desinfect. From here they are transported. The fish is mostly in optimal condition.