PHY midge 6ft3″ #4
Antique gold cardinal trims
Truncated cse ferrules
Dit was één van de meest verkochte vlieghengels.
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Veel van zijn hengels heb ik gemaakt.    
In 1926, Paul Young’s rod designs would change the future of bamboo rods. He developed a unique line of shorter, lighter and thinner rods. At first, customers and the industry scoffed at these rods. They were considered novelties or toys not capable of catching large fish. Little did they realize the lasting impact Paul’s designs would have on rodmaking. Young’s designs flourished. To meet the increased demand, Paul used blanks from South Bend, E.W. Edwards and Heddon and finished them personally to his specifications.
Chauncey Lively recalled, “When Paul developed his Midge rod, his most diminutive rod at 6 feet 3 inches and 1 3/4 ounces, it caused quite a stir and became a very popular model. Paul mentioned several times that a customer was using a Midge for Atlantic Salmon and he fussed and fumed about it. It worried Paul because the little rod was not intended for such heavy-duty work. The customer was Arnold Gingrich, publisher of Esquire, and a distinguished author.” A short time later, A.J. McClane, a long-time fishing editor at Field and Stream, also discovered they were indeed capable of catching large Atlantic Salmon and of course he too wrote about them.